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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parenting A Soul Review by Rev. Bart W. Goetz

Parenting a Soul Review

Ten areas are targeted on a scale of 1-5

(1-Poor, 2-better than poor, 3-Fair, 4-Good, 5-Excellent).

1. The Content of the Book: (5-Excellent)

The book covers parenting from the true Christian perspective not the worldly Christian perspective, and not the average Christian perspective. This book is founded on the true, rock solid Scripture.

2. The Filler of the Book: (5-Excellent)

This book is loaded down with absolutely no filler. For most books one only needs to read the first chapter and possibly skim through the rest of the book to know what the author is trying to say. Not true with this book. Slow, careful, methodic reading is demanded.

3. The Flow of the Book: (3-Fair)

My thoughts did not always flow in the same direction as the author. Sometimes I would have questions and the author moved in a different direction, rather than answering the questions I had. Therefore I was left to contemplate them before God and search them out. That is not a bad thing though, in fact, it is very healthy.

4. The Creativity of the Book: (4-5 Good to Excellent)

Two thoughts here: First, large portions of Scripture are quoted, thereby one can get the context of the Scripture. It makes it nice not to have look up the Scripture references. Second, passages of scripture are put in the light of the parenting aspect, which brings thought provoking truths for parenting as well living ministry rather than simply doing ministry.

5. Style of Reading (3-4- Fair to Good)

This depends upon your reading preference and ability. Long sentences are used which must be read carefully. This slows down the reading, which then enhances the thought process.

6. Thought Provoking: (5-Excellent)

Regardless of whether you accept the philosophy underlining the book, it will trigger your thinking.

7. Applications (3-Fair)

I had no problems making application, but you have supplied much of it. Once again a little work on your own part is food for us. The illustrations came mostly from the large portions of Scriptures quoted.

8. Salvation Message (5-Excellent)

Even though the book is written to the born-again believer (real Christians), there is no doubt about how one is to obtain eternal life and enjoy eternal living with the Lord God Almighty.

Over all recommendation:

After 23 years of ministry and reading many books on parenting, I place this book in my top three books on parenting. It will make an excellent resource material. It is in depth with no fluff for the serious, studious Christian. If you don’t like a challenge, or meditating in depth for proper understanding and correct application, don’t bother with the book. Few books challenge me as this has. God bless you all and may God bless you as you search out the treasures from the Scriptures.

Rev. Bart W. Goetz

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