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Thursday, June 4, 2009

NEW REVIEW by Pastor Travis Cooke

"Parenting a Soul is both concise and comprehensive. Each chapter is direct and to the point covering each subject with as few words as necessary yet, the book as a whole is comprehensive in its principles and application. Dr. Ketchum’s understanding of the nature of man (both natural and spiritual) and the knowledge of the word of God grants the reader a practical application of biblical principles to the issues of life. The application of these principles seeks to remedy the source rather than the symptoms of the problems faced both within the home and within the heart of an individual.

There is a need in this generation for homes that are Bible based and Christ centered and Parenting a Soul equips the reader with wise counsel and direction born out of extensive study and personal experience.

Parenting a Soul is a must read for parents who desire to “train up a child in the way he should go” and for the pastor who desires to “feed the flock of God” with applicable Biblical principles for the family. As a pastor of a local, Bible believing church I recommend this book. I will be teaching through this book to our young married couples in the church to help them establish a Godly and Christ honoring home.

Thank you, Dr. Ketchum for your work and presentation of a topic that needs to be addressed in our day and time."

Travis Cooke
Pastor, God’s Way Baptist Tabernacle
Griffin, GA

COPIES of PARENTING A SOUL are normally $19.95 each and $5.00 Postage & Handling.

The members of the Line Upon Line Blog can order copies for $11.00 (this includes the Postage & Handling).

When ordering as a member from the Line Upon Line Blog, go to http://www.disciplemakerministries.org and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the DONATE BUTTON for PayPal. This will accept most credit cards. When you enter your donation, put in Line Upon Line Blog Special and your mailing address. You will receive your book in about 5 days.

If you prefer to have your local church billed for copies, send an e-mail to LanceKetchum@msn.com and I will send your books out with an invoice to your local church for $11.00 per copy including Postage & Handling.

There is also a Teacher’s Manual available in PDF with Power Points for each chapter. The Teacher’s Manual has a highlighted area so the teacher can know when to advance the slides. This will be sent to you on a CD. The cost is $24.95 including Postage & Handling. You will need a computer and Adobe Reader (free by download from Web) to use this CD

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