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Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Book Available

This book has a page of discussion questions at the end of each chapter.  It is written especially for personal devotions, Sunday School Classes, and Small Group Bible studies.  It can be used for Bible classes in Christian schools and for Home School students. 
Disciple Maker Ministries is pleased to announce the release of Dr. Ketchum's latest book entitled Jesus Is Lord! This book will be a helpful for Christians trying to understand the issues of Ecumenicism, Legalism, and Mysticism as these corruptions slowly capture Evangelical Christianity today. 

Jesus Is Lord!
Expository Studies through the Epistle to the Colossians
Twenty-two chapters - 188 pages - 6x9 Paperback

"Lance Ketchum has done it again! He has written another book that will be extremely useful for pastors, teachers, missionaries, evangelists, and all believers. In this book, he exhibits insightful exegesis of Scripture. His pastoral warmth shines through his writing. This book will be useful to overcome modern Gnosticism, syncretism, church-skipping, and dealing with the Lukewarmite. Each chapter builds upon the Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Word."

"In addition, Dr. Ketchum explains the historical and cultural influences on the church at Colossi. He explains thoroughly the heretical teachings that influenced the Colossian Church. The questions at the end of every chapter are very helpful for guiding the student of Scripture. The questions will be extremely helpful for teachers in local churches, Bible schools, and seminaries, and for evoking thoughts for sermon preparation by pastors and evangelists."

Dr. H. D. Williams

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