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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Living by Principle

REMEMBER, Socialism rises to power by hiding behind a mask of friendship and promising favors while covertly seeking to become a new despotic aristocracy. They promise liberty, as opposed to freedom, with a covert agenda of making all men their slaves. While offering themselves as servants to the electorate, they covertly seek to make their electorate their servants, for upon whomever we become dependent for our sustenance, we become their dependents.

REMEMBER, for those people who are the descendants of minorities, who were enslaved at one time in the history of our nation, or any nation, remember it is the same ideological descendants of those who sought to keep you in slavery who now come to you with open hands and extended arms promising liberty without having ever really changed any of their ideologies of enslavement. Enslavement does not always come to us with visible chains attached.

REMEMBER, there are radical differences between the ways a republic and a democracy function. Under a republic, your human rights are inalienable (God given), guaranteed by the rule of Law, and can never be altered or rescinded. Under a democracy, your human rights are determined by the will of the majority and can be changed or rescinded at anytime by the will of the majority. The underlying philosophy of socialism is that all people with wealth are evil, and that Robin Hood is not really a hood; he is your hero. The reality is that Robin the Hood is still nothing but a thief in green tights.

REMEMBER, when someone offers you a free handout, always look for the hook. If there ever really was such a thing as a School of Fish, I am sure the first thing the teacher would teach is that if you see an earthworm swimming free in the water, look for the hook!

REMEMBER, there are constants in the world and when the center of right and wrong is constantly moving under the guise of progression, those purporting progression are trying to change what is right and wrong. Sir John Denham in his (16th century) ode on The Earle of Stafford’s Trial and Death wrote:

“Happy when both to the same centre move,

When Kings give liberty and subjects love.

Thus, Kings, by grasping more than they could hold,

First made their subjects by oppression bold;

And popular sway for subjects to receive,

Ran to the same extremes: and one excess

Made both, by striving to be greater, less.”

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